Check Out the Savings

See if Flat Fee is Right for You?

The chart below gives examples of various home values. 

We like to spell it out, black and white. When you utilize a flat fee system, you save the most money . The dollars go to you, and your family versus an old system of commissions. We came up with our numbers by averaging the hours a typical transaction takes. We've done thousands, and believe this is the fairest wage. 

$3549 Flat fee for homes valued at $200k-$500k. The sweet spot of profitability hovers around $350k. As you can see in the graph, a home sold for $350k saves you $20,951. 

Homes valued at $501k on up, we work off a low commission of 1%. So if your homes sells for a million dollars, you would save $60k on the sale. As you can see, flat fees save you lots of extra dollars lost to an old-style commission pool. This is the way of the future, and we are honored to be one of the first in Missouri for flat fee home sales.