Here is What You Get and Why

We hear "I can't fathom paying that high of commissions." Or the infamous, "wish I had more of that money in my pocket." 

These very common comments lead us to change how we service in the real estate industry. Currently, in Missouri, we offer a straight $3549 FLAT FEE for listing, showing, and selling your home. Full realtor services for a flat rate. Nothing less. 

Don't be confused by the "MLS Flat Fee" market where realtors charge $80-$400 to list your home on an MLS site. Thats as far as they go. They are not showing, prepping, offers, filings, titles, paperwork, and closing sales. They will circle back around to commission structures and more fees.

$3549. Nothing more, nothing less. Want to see how the dollars work in your favor? FLAT FEE CALCULATOR

If your home is between $501k and $1 million we do a simple 1% commission. A million and above- 2%. 

We try to keep as simple as possible and a win-win for both sides with a fair and profitable system for both seller and realtor. 

One set fee...why pay more in commisisons?

What is a Flat Fee MLS listing service? (The wrong kind)

A flat-fee MLS listing service is a company that charges a set rate to list your home on your regional multiple listing service (MLS) database. THAT'S IT. Hero Realty is a FULL service realty company that takes care of everything from beginning to end. There's a big difference in the $100 MLS listing hook some places use versus our COMPLETE sale and handling of your home. If the fat-fee offering is $100-$500, you're not getting the full service. 

The MLS is the main tool that real estate agents use to find properties for their home-buying clients. MLS listings also get posted to major real estate sites like Zillow and MLS is a great tool, but it doesn't do showings, paperwork, answer phone calls, listings, proposals, and more. 

That's where flat fee MLS services come in. These companies are licensed brokers that can put your property on the MLS for around a few hundred dollars. So don't confuse a simple MLS listing and a FULL Flat Fee home sale. 

What do you get with a Flat Fee MLS listing service? 

Your listing gets posted on your local MLS for 3-12 months with around 25 photos, and a brief description of your property. Thats it. With our company, our flat fee covers THE WHOLE PROCESS not just a listing. A home listing is much different than a flat fee realtor who actually sells the home and all the legal that surrounds it.  A complete process versus just a MLS listing. 

By using a flat-fee MLS company, you'll save on the typical 2-3% commission that listing agents charge. But as a tradeoff, you won't get the full-service selling experience that we offer for a flat fee. If your home is over $300k, you can save lots of money. More than just purchasing an MLS listing. See our calculation charts!

How much does an MLS listing cost?

Flat-fee MLS listing companies charge a flat rate around $100-500 for a basic package. Just a listing. Nothing more. 

In addition to the basic flat-fee MLS listing, most companies offer help negotiating with potential buyers, for sale signs and lockboxes, and more. For an up-charge to that $100-$500

Why use a Flat Fee MLS service? (Really why to use US!)

A flat fee MLS listing service will make sure that your home is posted. Use Hero Realty, and we will not only do your MLS, we will also sell your home. We work for you- start to finish. Paperwork, showings, open houses, offers, ect. 

The MLS is one powerful marketing tool. Some of the advantages of having your home listed on the MLS include:

  • Online exposure: local and national real estate websites, including, Trulia, and Zillow. More than 40% of buyers look at listings first. By getting your property onto a real estate site, you'll be an option.

  • Realtor access: Nearly 90% of buyers purchased with a real estate agent or broker, who likely subscribes to your local MLS. Even more reason to use us. We know those buyers AND realtors. 

Who is a Flat Fee MLS service best for? Anyone who wants to save their $$$.

Flat fee MLS services are best for home sellers who have the experience and confidence to go the for sale by owner (FSBO) route. See, we take it a step further. You don't have to do the for sale by owner- you sell the same route but with a flat fee realty agent taking care of everything along the way. You save on the combined 6%-7% commission on the whole transaction. Please, see our chart on how much YOU would save.

Selling your home without the help of an agent can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. Although you'll save 2-3% in commission, it can feel like a full-time job. You'll have to handle everything from pricing your home to marketing it to negotiating the sale by yourself. Plus. you'll probably still be on the hook for the commission charged by the buyer's agent — probably another 2-3%. This is exactly why you need us. Save money, and we save you time and the full-time job of selling a home in Missouri.